Nonlinear and Stochastic Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, George Mason U.
- 09:37
Understanding the role of ocean dynamics in multi-year predictability
Watch video | Download video: 201711200905-Delsole.mp4 (90M)
, Memorial University
- 10:10
North Atlantic atmospheric and ocean decadal climate variability – dominant patterns and abrupt climate shifts
Watch video | Download video: 201711200938-Demirov.mp4 (106M)
, University of Victoria
- 11:16
Enhancement of sea surface wind skewness by filtering
Watch video | Download video: 201711201041-Monahan.mp4 (109M)
, Ocean University of China
- 09:34
A high efficiency approximation of EnKF for coupled model data assimilation
Watch video | Download video: 201711210901-Zhang.mp4 (97M)
, New York University
- 10:15
A conditional Gaussian framework for data assimilation and prediction of nonlinear turbulent dynamical systems
Watch video | Download video: 201711210935-Chen.mp4 (141M)
, Johns Hopkins University
- 11:07
Data assimilation with stochastic model reduction
Watch video | Download video: 201711211036-Lu.mp4 (78M)
, Trinity Western University
- 11:38
The challenge of diurnal sea surface temperatures
Watch video | Download video: 201711211107-Pimentel.mp4 (92M)
, University of Northern British Columbia
- 14:03
Progress towards improving seasonal climate prediction by mathematical methods
Watch video | Download video: 201711211331-Tang.mp4 (106M)
, University of Northern British Columbia
- 15:05
Optimum initialization of South Asian seasonal forecast using climatological relevant singular vectors
Watch video | Download video: 201711211453-Islam.mp4 (48M)
, National Taiwan University
- 16:05
On the long time stability of a temporal discretization scheme for the three dimensional primitive equations
Watch video | Download video: 201711211532-Hsia.mp4 (114M)
, Florida State Uni. & Fudan Uni.
- 16:46
Numerical scheme for long-time statistical properties of large turbulent systems
Watch video | Download video: 201711211606-Wang.mp4 (175M)
, Chinese Academy of Sciences
- 09:33
Target observations for improving initializations for two types of El Nino events predictions
Watch video | Download video: 201711230859-Duan.mp4 (88M)
, Chinese Academy of Sciences
- 10:05
Effects of stochastic model error on improving ENSO prediction skills
Watch video | Download video: 201711230934-Zheng.mp4 (86M)
, Second Institute of Oceanography
- 10:53
ENSO ensemble prediction for the past 161 years from 1856-2016
Watch video | Download video: 201711231030-Liu.mp4 (90M)
, University of California, San Diego
- 11:35
Exploring stochastic and multi-scale modeling approaches for a seamless prediction system
Watch video | Download video: 201711231055-Subramanian.mp4 (136M)
, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
- 13:54
Nonlinear local lyapunov vectors and their applications to ensemble predictions
Watch video | Download video: 201711231336-Ding.mp4 (51M)
, Chinese Academy of Sciences
- 14:58
Uncertainties and sensitivities analysis for the soil moisture due to model parameter errors
Watch video | Download video: 201711231428-Sun.mp4 (89M)
, University of Victoria
- 15:58
Statistical predictability of surface wind components
Watch video | Download video: 201711231527-Mao.mp4 (92M)