Participant Testimonials

Nov 19 - Nov 24, 2017

The BIRS workshop "Nonlinear and Stochastic Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction" brought together leading scientists in this area from around the World. For me, the workshop was an exceptional opportunity to gain new insight into the most advanced achievements in the field of my research interests. The information I learned there and the contacts I made will impact my research and help me to formulate advanced research project for my students and postdoc.

Entcho Demirov Faculty
Physics and Physical Oceanography, Memorial University

This is my first time attending BIRS workshops, and I very much enjoy both the quality of the workshop, as well as the layout of workshop. Specifically, I was able to see the problems in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from various aspects due to the right balance and diversity of speakers and topics, ranging from applied math to more numerical analyses for atmospheric and oceanic sciences. The design of 30-minute presentations along with a sufficient break time allow for much more interaction among attendees than any other workshop that I have attended. Also, the setting of having the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner location gave us plenty of time to meet with other speakers in a cozy and relaxing environment, instead of rushing out for meals as in other conferences. I highly value this BIRS workshop and would strongly recommend future BIRS workshops to my colleagues.

Chanh Kieu Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana University