Participant Testimonials

Sep 11 - Sep 16, 2016

This workshop gave me the opportunity to showcase my most recent research, which was well-liked by the community. In addition, I was very honoured to attend this event alongside most of the most relevant researchers in my area, and get a fresh perspective on their most recent work. I also shared some of my research problems with several attendees, so it is conceivable that in the long run some new collaborations arise from this workshop.

David Fernández Bretón Postdoc
Mathematics, University of Michigan

The workshop gave me the opportunity to meet experts on my field of research, to discuss about our current works and to share our different point of view in related topics. Certainly, these discussions will lead to new projects and future discussions. It was moreover a great occasion to present my previous work to the mathematical community working in related topics.

Claribet Piña Mathematics, Universidad de los Andes

I found this workshop very useful and stimulating for my research. The workshop was masterfully organized, both in terms of number of talks, choice of topics, and quality of the lectures. It is certainly going to impact my research.

Ulises Ariet Ramos-García Assistant Professor
Centro de Cencias Matemáticas, UNAM