Participant Testimonials

Jun 19 - Jun 24, 2016

Lovely venue, lots of social fellowship at the dinners. A very good place to make new friends and explore one-to-one discussions of the future of our subject. Great trips to the surrounding countryside. Very full schedule of talks. I learned a lot and feel that I also contributed to the subject in our very open, friendly wide ranging discussions. This was a great set of people, from quite a wide variety of topics. The first day was all Bose-Einstein Condensation. The second day was on nonlocal nonlinear gradient flows modelling the spread of locusts, the evolution of crime wave, social behaviour, some swarming. You get the picture and you have the agenda. The point is that everyone went the extra miles needed to communicate their stories and a real sense of camaraderie and mutual respect emerged. I could see that my planned talk was not in line with the first few days, so on the fourth day I gave a completely new talk based on my discussions during the first two days with my new friends about what they thought were the new directions in their fields. Fortunately, I had some background for this new endeavour and my talk went OK. In any case, I was inspired by the spirit of communication and friendship which kept emerging throughout this workshop. Very rare, in my experience, to find such a simpatico group of people at a workshop, so that even though the topics were quite varied the workshop did not break into isolated factions.

Darryl Holm Professor
Mathematics, Imperial College London

Thank you very much for this event. I was a fruitful experience. I got a fresh insight and now i have new ideas for my research work! A very beautiful event!

Sadoth Sandoval Torres Professor
Chemical Engineering, Instituto Politécnico Nacional - CIIDIR Oaxaca