Coherent Structures in PDEs and Their Applications (16w5050)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, June 19 and departing Friday June 24, 2016


(University of California, Los Angeles)

(Dalhousie University)

Panos Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

(San Diego State University)

(University of Southern California)

(University of San Francisco)


This workshop will explore what is understood and understandable theoretically with what is feasible experimentally. It will bring together leading experimentalists and theoreticians to identify focus questions that can be jointly addressed. Specifically, some of the topics will include: techniques to derive the reduced dynamical systems; the analysis of the resulting effective dynamics; numerical computations; comparison with experiments, and identification of important challenges stemming from the general theory and the concrete applications.

In conclusion, this workshop will provide a fertile ground for cross-pollination between applied mathematicians, experimental and theoretical physicists. To ensure the strongest opportunity of developing new collaborations, this workshop includes a very diverse set of researchers at various stages of their careers.