Meeting Facilities

BIRS meetings take place in the TransCanada Pipelines Pavilion (TCPL)- a semi-circular shaped 2 storey building on the edge of Banff Centre's campus with the panoramic view of the Bow Valley and surrounding mountains.

Floorplan Map

Open wireless Internet access is available throughout the TCPL building. The main floor leading to the main seminar room (201) and second-largest room (202), has also a spacious foyer with large windows equipped with armchairs which our guests can utilize during breaks or after talks sessions. During summer months, our patio is set up with patio tables and chairs; it is available for exclusive use of our participants.

Detailed descriptions of the facilities are on the Description of Facilities page. A summary follows below.

TCPL 201


TCPL 201 is our main lecture room. It features a tiered lecture auditorium that seats 50 people, has chalkboards, an LCD projector and screen, and a document camera. It is also equipped with automated recording cameras. See the Technology page for more details on equipment.

TCPL 202


TCPL 202 - our second largest meeting room, can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. It boasts panoramic size windows with lots of natural light, has over 25 feet of chalkboard space and has LCD projector with a screen. Tables and chairs can be moved/set up in different ways according to the needs of each group.

TCPL 102, 106 and 107 are smaller meeting rooms that can be used for break-out meetings and are located at the basement level of TCPL. They feature chalkboards or whiteboards, tables, and chairs. They are ideal for 4-6 people group gatherings.

TCPL 105 is setup as a work room with multifunction Xerox machine and a public computer (details here) — but also has a 6' whiteboard and could be used as a small breakout room.

TCPL 107


TCPL 107 is reserved for Research in Teams (RIT) or Focused Research Groups (FRG). If there is no RIT or FRG meeting in session, this room can be used as a break-out meeting room. It features two large chalkboards, a manual pull-down projection screen (portable projector available), 4 tables and 8 chairs.

Library:  BIRS has a very small, but growing, library on the second floor of the the PDC building adjacent to the BIRS lounge. It has online access to MathSciNet and other online resources. Participants who have online services at their home institutions are encouraged to establish proxy accounts which will allow them journal access from BIRS.