Participant Testimonials

May 28 - Jun 02, 2023

The BIRS-IMAG workshop in Granada was certainly helpful and enriching in several regards. The organisers gathered both senior and early career researchers working on nonlocal and nonlinear models from different perspectives and techniques. Contents of the seminars included interesting and high-level recent results in the fields of PDEs, Calculus of Variation, Functional Analysis, and Optimal Transport Theory. The unique atmosphere at the IMAG institute in Granada and the excellent organisation made the workshop pleasant and inspiring, encouraging participants to interact among each other. Personally, I believe I learnt a lot from this workshop and I gained insights for my current and future research thanks to a number of discussion I had with the other participants. I would definitely love to take part again in such a wonderful event.

Antonio Esposito Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful and stimulating workshop experience. The BIRS-IMAG organization proved to be very efficient and created a perfect environment for learning and collaboration. I really hope that there will be future editions of this workshop. I would like to thank you and the organizers for giving me the opportunity to participate. It was a valuable experience and I appreciate the efforts that went into making it a success.

Giuseppe Savare Decision Sciences, Bocconi University

The BIRS workshop I participated in was perfectly organized and impacted my current research views in several manners. I would say the organizers did a great job to mix several disciplines which are related but are generally more focused on internal problems. Here, however, thanks to the inclusion of several leading figures and young researchers, there were more possibilities to exchange among different fields.

Nikita Simonov Maître de Conférence
Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions, Sorbonne Université