Single-Cell Plus – Data Science Challenges in Single-Cell Research

Arriving Sunday, July 2 and departing Friday July 7, 2023

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Agrawal, Divya The University of Queensland
Banerjee, Kalins University of Michigan
Boran, Gao University of Michigan
Cakmakci, Doruk McGill University
Cao, Yue The University of Sydney
Cao, Dandan HKU-SZH
Chen, Carissa University of Sydney
Chen, Wanlu Johns Hopkins University
Cheng, Jiaqi Johns Hopkins University
Chun, Hyonho KAIST
Davis, Mellisa Adeliade
Ding, Yang Peking University
Ding, Wenze University of Sydney
Duren, Zhana Clemson University
Feng, Zhanying Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Fu, Helen University of Sydney
Gavarro, Lena Morrill University of Oxford
Ghazanfar, Shila University of Sydney
Ghosh, Adhideb ETH Zurich
GUAN, GUI The University of Sydney
Guo, Yin Xi'an Jiaotong University
Hakamuwa Lekamlage, Dulari University of Melbourne
Ho, Joshua University of Hong Kong
Hou, Ruiyan The University of Hong Kong
Huang, Yuanhua University of Hong Kong
Huang, Haiyan University of California, Berkeley
Huang, Rongting The University of Hong Kong
Irizarry, Rafael Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Ji, Hongkai Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Ji, Jessica University of California Los Angeles
Ji, Peiwen Peking University
Keles, Sunduz University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kim, Daniel University of Sydney
Kim, Sam University of Sydney
Kim, Hani The University of Sydney
Kim, Gwangwoo KAIST
Korthauer, Keegan University of British Columbia
Lan, Tian university of sydney
Li, Yue McGill University
Li, Yu Chinese University of Hong Kong
Li, Zheng University of Michigan
Liao, Hsiao-Chi The University of Melbourne
Lin, Yingxin Yale University
Liu, Yijun Jilin university
Liu, Meitong University of Hong Kong
Lu, Shan UW Madison
Lu, Chenyue * MIT
Luo, Siyuan ETH Zurich
Lyu, Hao UESTC
Ma, Ying Brown University
Ma, Kun The University of Hong Kong
Ma, Wenjing University of Michigan
Mann-Krzisnik, Dylan McGill University
Mar, Jessica University of Queensland
Mechtersheimer, Daniel University of Sydney
Mingze, Gao HKU
Mostafavi, Sara University of Washington
Namuhan, Namuhan The University of Queensland
Osakwe, Adrien McGill University
Pape, Constantin EMBL
Pape, Constantin University Goettingen
Park, Kwangmoon University of Wisconsin-Madison
Park, Ji-Eun UNC Chapel Hill
Patrick, Ellis The University of Sydney
Quon, Gerald UC Davis
Ritchie, Mattew The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Robinson, Mark University of Zurich
Rodriguez Delherbe, Andrea Oxford University
Salim, Agus University of Melbourne
Salzman, Julia Stanford
Shang, Lulu University of Michigan
Shen, Ning University of British Columbia
Shih, David Hong Kong University
Shin, Sunyoung POSTECH
Speed, Terry Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Street, Kelly University of Southern California
Tan, Yuqi Stanford University
Tran, Andy University of Sydney
Wang, Yong Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wang, Rachel University of Sydney
Wang, Zuoheng Yale University
Wang, Jade University of Michigan
Wang, Zixiao Johns Hopkins
Wang, Yi Johns Hopkins University
WANG, YIXUAN The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wang, Qingyang UCLA
Wang, Zhijun Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Wei, Huanhuan Yale School of Public Health
Wei, Lin Peking University
Wu, Angela Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wu, Di University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wu, Peijun University of Michigan
Xianyi, Lian Peking University
Xiao, Di The University of Sydney
Xiaoying, Liao USYD
Xu, Gang Yale University
Xuesong, Wang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yan, Xiting Yale University School of Medicine
Yang, Jean Yee Hwa The University of Sydney
Yang, Pengyi The University of Sydney
Yang, Can The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ye, Zheng Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Yeung, Jake Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Yu, Tingyang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yu, Lijia The University of Sydney
Yuan, Xinyu Mila
Zhai, Zhiqian UCLA
Zhang, Nancy * University of Pennsylvania
Zhang, Emma Emory University
Zhang, Yishu UNC Chapel Hill
Zhao, Hongyu Yale University
Zhao, Peiyao University of Michigan
Zhou, Xiang University of Michigan
Zhou, Manqi Cornell University
Zyner, Katie Children's Medical Research Institute

* This participant has indicated that they might be coming.