Participant Testimonials

May 29 - Jun 05, 2022

It has helped indeed, thank you! We managed to submit one paper that we worked on throughout the week and discussed ideas/future plans, which will lead to ideally 7 more papers in the following months. We will mention BIRS in the acknowledgments of all these papers. Thank you for facilitating this process by providing such a great work environment.

Claus Kadelka Mathematics, Iowa State University

The week at your institute was extraordinarily productive and enjoyable. We started this project over a year ago and sustained it through weekly zoom meetings. While we obtained results and felt we had a draft of a manuscript we might be able to submit soon, progress was just very slow. Being together for a week essentially all the time really resulted in a quantum leap in understanding of the project. In the end, we got a manuscript complete that far surpassed our initial expectations, and we managed to submit it by Saturday noon, our self-imposed deadline. We sent it to the SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems. The manuscript is attached, and of course we acknowledge the important role BIRS played in its completion. We also managed to map out the next stage of the project, with a list of driving problems, arriving at mostly over meals in the spectacular dining facility and on some hikes in the spectacular surroundings. We were already envisioning coming back and organizing a larger workshop on the topic. Thank you for the opportunity to spend time at BIRS. Your staff is extremely helpful and professional and we had everything we needed.

Reinhard Laubenbacher Department of Medicine, University of Florida