Participant Testimonials

Mar 06 - Mar 11, 2022

Even as an online participant, this workshop was wonderful. The talks were excellent, and I felt like I had the opportunity to interact with people despite the physical distance. Several of the talks, and questions raised by the audience from my talk, inspired what could be future research directions. BIRS continues to be the top workshop venue in my mathematical life and has pivoted with the pandemic in an exemplary fashion. I've not been to anything near this quality in hybrid mode, and it should be a model for others moving forward. The "Interactions of gauge theory with contact and symplectic topology in dimensions 3 and 4" workshop, in particular, was fantastic. This biennial workshop has played an important role in the mathematical careers of myself and many others in my field and continues to be a jewel for our community. I am grateful to BIRS and the organizers of this program for continuing to facilitate this impactful tradition.

Matthew Hedden Mathematics, Michigan State University