Dynamics and Data Assimilation, Physiology and Bioinformatics: Mathematics at the Interface of Theory and Clinical Application

Arriving Sunday, May 29 and departing Friday June 3, 2022

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Albers, David University of Colorado Anschutz
Albert, Benjamin Columbia University
Bennett, Tellen University of Colorado School of Medicine
Briggs, Jennifer University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Cato, Kenrick Columbia University School of Nursing
Czerwinski, Mary Microsoft Research
de Wiljes, Jana U Potsdam
Desai, Pooja Columbia University
Diniz Behn, Cecilia Colorado School of Mines
Elhadad, Noemie Columbia University
Garrish, Justin Colorado School of Mines
Gluckman, Bruce The Pennsylvania State University
Graham, Erica Bryn Mawr College
Han, Lifeng US Food and Drug Administration
Hripcsak, George Columbia University
Humphries, Tony McGill University
Jacobs, Maia Northwestern University
Karamched, Bhargav Florida State University
Laber, Eric Duke University
Levine, Matthew California Institute of Technology
Mamykina, Lena Columbia University
Ott, William University of Houston
Ranganath, Rajesh Courant Institute, Center for Data Science NYU
Reusch, Jane University of Colorado SOM and RMR VAMC
Richter, Lauren Columbia University
Sherman, Arthur National Institutes of Health
Sirlanci Tuysuzoglu, Melike University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Smith, Bradford University of Colorado Denver
Smith, Kate University of Colorado School of Medicine
Stroh, J.N. University of Colorado Denver
Tabak, Esteban Courant Institute
Urteaga, Inigo Columbia University
Wang, Yanran University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus