Participant Testimonials

Oct 16 - Oct 21, 2022

BIRS workshop greatly impacted my current research and gave me some new ideas. Moreover, during the workshop, I found that some of my research, generalized chromatic functions, is related to LLT polynomials. This workshop also expanded my academic network. In general, such a workshop for some postdoc like me is a fantastic opportunity to expand his network and have some new research ideas.

Farid Aliniaefard Dr.
Mathematics , The University of British Columbia

The interaction between different research communities has led to many fruitful new questions during this encounter. These are actively being pursued now, and very interesting outcomes are to be expected.

Carolina Benedetti Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia

The workshop was really wonderful! I finally met several authors of papers I've read, and readers of papers I've written, and we were able to greatly clarify our collective understanding. It was also great to hear about some exciting new results and conjectures.

Mathieu Guay-Paquet Associate member
Lacim, Université du Québec à Montréal