Dynamical Principles of Biological and Artificial Neural Networks (Online)

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Carnegie Mellon University
- 11:21
(Carnegie Mellon) : Reverse engineering representations in real brains using artificial neural networks
Watch video | Download video: 202201111044-Wehbe.mp4 (50M)
, Mila - Quebec AI Institute, University of Montreal
- 12:08
(MILA) : Transients and non-stationarity: Not just 'not yet' and 'not for long'
Watch video | Download video: 202201111121-PuelmaTouzel.mp4 (59M)
, McGill University
- 10:32
(McGill) : The functional specialization of visual cortex emerges from training parallel pathways with self-supervised predictive learning
Watch video | Download video: 202201121004-Richards.mp4 (45M)
- 11:24
(EPFL) : Dynamics of memory retrieval in hippocampus
Watch video | Download video: 202201121040-Gerstner.mp4 (69M)
, University of Sao Paulo
- 13:44
(Sao Paolo) : How does the brain encode statistical regularities? Rissanen meets von Helmholtz.
Watch video | Download video: 202201121301-Galves.mp4 (48M)
, University of Texas Austin
- 14:30
(UT Austin) : Mapping timescales of cortical language processing
Watch video | Download video: 202201121344-Huth.mp4 (77M)
, York University
- 15:15
(York) : Searching for observable signatures of predictive hierarchical learning in neocortex
Watch video | Download video: 202201121431-Pina.mp4 (61M)
, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
- 09:00
(MPI Psycholinguistics) : Human language as a test-case for system properties of neural networks
Watch video | Download video: 202201130820-Martin.mp4 (67M)
, The Pennsylvania State University
- 09:40
(Penn State) : Graph rules and topological insights for inhibitory network dynamics
Watch video | Download video: 202201130900-Curto.mp4 (53M)
, Pennsylvania State University
- 10:00
(Penn State) : Modeling central pattern generator circuits with combinatorial threshold linear networks
Watch video | Download video: 202201130950-LondonoAlvarez.mp4 (41M)