Participant Testimonials

Jun 05 - Jun 10, 2022

It was an absolute pleasure to attend this workshop. I found the presentations and discussions to be accessible, well-organized, stimulating, and highly pertinent to emerging research. The organizers deserve enormous credit for their fine craftsmanship.

Peter Crooks Zelevinsky Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematics, Northeastern University

I would like to thank BIRS and Banff Centre teams for their full support during the workshop. It was an incredible experience being focused and doing math in such a beautiful place.

Mateus de Melo University of São Paulo

Your equipment for participating simultaneously online is really the best experience that I have had up to this point! I heard many places are going to remove the online-facility after the corona time. Please, please keep at it. Many thanks!! For me, mother/career at the same time, it makes really a difference if I could attend conference remotely in such a high quality!

Chenchang Zhu Gottingen