Participant Testimonials

Apr 29 - May 01, 2022

The BIRS conference was great to gather new ideas for Math Fair, Puzzles and how to implement for on line learning. It was nice to actually be with people!! There were a diverse group of us who offered various insights across the learning levels of students. Offering a math fair to young learners supports their thinking and problem-solving approaches.

Janice Hoffman Consultant
Centre for Education, Edmonton Public Schools

In my work, I support elementary and junior high teachers in the area of mathematics. This workshop brought together a group of teachers, post-secondary students, post-secondary instructors, and mathematics professors. The opportunity to collaborate with people from outside of my usual milieu, and encounter diverse perspectives through discussions and presentations, has already had a positive impact on my work. I am confident that the impact will continue. The workshop pushed me to think in new ways about mathematics and the teaching of mathematics. Opportunities like this are invaluable. They reenergize us!

Pat Lore Numeracy Consultant
Curriculum and Learning Supports, Edmonton Public Schools - Centre for Education