Math Attack Summer School for Girls

Arriving Friday, July 15 and departing Sunday July 17, 2022

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Aggarson, Jeena Student
Andrew, Claire Student
Cao, Lisa Student
Chen, Michelle Student
Chen, Trinity Student
DeDieu, Lauren University of Calgary
Goyal, Isha Student
Hua, Jenny High School Student
Ji, Yonghua Student
Jiao, Bella Student
Kahlon, Karmin Student
Li, Sunny Student
Li, Ziyu Student
Lu, Ashlyn Student
Miao, Julia Student
Mo, Michelle High School Student
Nie, Milly Student
Pan, Chenwei Student
Pyatalova, Sofia Student
Wang, Iris Student
Wi, Dami University of Alberta
Yang, Emily High School Student
Yang, Alice High School
Zhai, Chloe Student
Zhang, Caroline Student