Analytic techniques in Theoretical Computer Science (18w5197)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, August 12 and departing Friday August 17, 2018



(Carnegie Melon University)

(University of California, San Diego)

Hamed Hatami (McGill University)


The goal of the workshop is to bring together established experts and junior researchers who work in the various subfields of theoretical computer science where analytic techniques have been a source of recent major progress. The two main objectives are: allow participants to learn from each other, and encourage new collaborations.

To achieve the first goal, the workshop format will consist of a few long talks every day. This will give participants the ability to learn new topics in depth. The talks will be sparse enough, so that discussions can continue (and will be encouraged) throughout the talk as well as after it, again with the goal of maximizing the learning potential.

In addition to the talks, we will have long breaks targeted at creating new collaborations. To facilitate these, we will have an open problem session early in the week. This will supply participants with a set of problems to discuss and hopefully resolve during the week.