New Frontiers in Multiphase CFD for the 21st Century Energy Mix (18w5139)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, August 19 and departing Friday August 24, 2018


(Univ of Colorado)

(Ohio University)

(University of British Columbia)

Sreekanth Pannala (SABIC)


The objective of the workshop is two-fold: (i) to discuss the fundamental aspects of multiphase flow numerical modeling, ranging from enhanced physical models, fast solution algorithms, accurate numerical schemes to HPC, and (ii) to contribute to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial needs and create new opportunities for academic-industry team work.

For the former, the main challenges are the effective coupling to heat and mass transfer, the extension to three-phase flow modeling and the multi-scale features of systems showing large particle/bubble/droplet heterogeneities.

For the latter, we invite (and plan to invite more) research engineers and decision makers from major companies to identify the most urgent needs of the chemical and/or process industry and to define ways to intensify academia/industry collaborations.

The workshop plans to address some crucial issues of the 21st century energy transition. It has a major relevance for industrial players as much as for the people in North America and all around the world. If we hope to keep our modern life style in a sustainable way, accelerated technological development and intensification of existing processes are the key components of the new energy mix that will make this hope possible.