Numerical Analysis of Coupled and Multi-Physics Problems with Dynamic Interfaces (18w5077)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, July 29 and departing Friday August 3, 2018


(Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

(Universidad de Concepcion)

(Brown University)

(University of Houston)


We will bring together a wide variety of participants (with a good balance between junior and senior researchers) with different expertise that use different numerical techniques and mathematical analyses. This will lead to critical comparison between numerical methods and hopefully lead to new and improved hybrid methods. Without forgetting the applications, we would like to focus mainly on the fundamental mathematical aspects of numerical methods: stability analysis, well-posedness, rigorous error estimates, computational complexity, etc.

The goals of this workshop are as follows:

1) Discuss recent advances in the development and mathematical analysis of numerical method for multi-physics problems of interest. All these problems feature propagating interfaces and coupled physical phenomena, possibly happening over different scales.

2) Bring together a wide variety of experts to confront some of the challenges that remain in the numerical analysis of interfacial coupled and multi-physics problems.

3) Have a critical comparison between different numerical techniques that will lead to better hybrid techniques.

4) Focus on foundations of numerical methods for coupled multi-physics problems. Challenge a broader community with mathematical aspects of such problems, which are crucial for the further development of numerical algorithms.