Regularity and Blow-up of Navier-Stokes Type PDEs using Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Illinois at Chicago
- 11:02
Topological models of emergent dynamics
Watch video | Download video: 201808201019-Shvydkoy.mp4 (143M)
, WIAS & Technische Universitaet Berlin
- 16:26
Existence of vortex sheets for 2D stochastic Euler equations
Watch video | Download video: 201808201547-Mario.mp4 (130M)
, Texas A&M University
- 09:49
On Recent Advances of the 3D Euler Equations by Means of Examples
Watch video | Download video: 201808220902-Titi.mp4 (175M)
, The University of Texas at Austin
- 11:59
The 3D Quasi-geostrophic equation: existence of solutions, lateral boundary conditions and regularity
Watch video | Download video: 201808221116-Vasseur.mp4 (145M)