Participant Testimonials

Sep 02 - Sep 07, 2018

This was a superb workshop, both at the scientific and organizational levels. I had been chair of the department of mathematics at UCLouvain for the last three years, and a bit out of research as a consequence. During the meeting I met with "old friends" but I also learned about new topics I was particularly interested in, specially the new conections between tau functions and conformal blocks. So I came back home with some new mathematical projects to work on.

Luc Haine Professor
Mathematics, UC Louvain

This workshop presented an excellent opportunity both to present the results of my most recent research to a group of top specialists in the subject (of integrable systems), as well as many new, younger researchers, and to learn more of the latest developments in the subject. The environment was, as usual, very agreeable, and conducive to intensive interactions and discussions between the participants. It led to fruitful ideas that will be pursued in ongoing work.

John Harnad Professor, and Lab Director
Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University and CRM, Univ. de Montreal

As ever, the meeting at BIRS was both enjoyable and stimulating. I left with two new scientific collaborations, which is what the whole thing is about.

Jacques Hurtubise Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

I was surprised to know that the problem intimately related to my research was studied from a different view point and motivation by one of the participants. I obtained some hints on how to extend my present research from the discussion with him. I was stimulated by many of the talks of the workshop. Some of them will affect my research plan in a near future. I also enjoyed the conversations, discussions with young researchers. I learned much from them. It was my pleasure to meet the people whom I knew only by name but who are very related with my research until now. To summarize the workshop has inspired me very much and was very successful. Thank you very much for providing a good research environment.

Atsushi Nakayashiki Professor
Mathematics, Tsuda University

I had a very nice experience at BIRS. The workshop I attended was very helpful for me to meet the leaders in this field, to learn the most advanced methods and stimulate my future research to pursue also in this direction.

Erik Tonni Dr.