Participant Testimonials

Mar 16 - Mar 18, 2018

This workshop was a special and unique treat. Focusing on the impact of women mathematicians, it was extremely insightful, informative, and fascinating to learn about the contributions of so many great scientists. The presentations were impressive in that the presenters seem to have gone to a great extent to research their topics, including the use of references such as historical books and even movies. The small size of the workshop, in terms of the number of participants, and the mix of events including presentations, social time, working discussion groups, and panel discussion, made it very useful for team building, idea-generating, and networking. At the end of the workshop, I felt that the group came together with a common goal to make a difference in recognizing and supporting the contributions of women mathematicians. The organization was excellent. The beautiful BIRS setting was very suitable for this special workshop. The schedule was packed, yet varied enough to be constantly interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. The content was coordinated in a big picture sense, making it overall an inspiring experience! For me the workshop had the most impact on fresh insights and making new contacts. The workshop affected my job prospects given the new contacts, insights, and participation experience. I believe that because of this workshop, many participants will be inspired to make an impact in the field of mathematics research and education, and in the area of recognizing and supporting the contributions of women mathematicians in the past, present, and future.


I did really enjoy this workshop. It taught me about other female mathematicians' challenges and how they overcame obstacles in front of them. It provided me with some insights about mentorship and effective networking. I have got some fresh perspectives about collaboration in research projects that I would like to apply in my path as well.

Samira Sadeghi INVIDI Technologies Corporation