Derivative Free and Black Box Optimization (17rit681)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, June 4 and departing Sunday June 11, 2017


(Poly. Montreal)

(University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)


The workshop will focus on two areas of research. First, Dr. Audet and Dr. Hare are currently completing a book titled "Derivative-Free and Blackbox Optimization". The book has been accepted for publication by Springer, and we seek a week of focused activity to finalize the book.

Second, the book has prompted several new research questions in the field of derivative free optimization. These questions are encapsulated into the broad question: how can direct-search and model-based DFO methods best be integrated together to create powerful new DFO algorithms? We seek a week of focused activity to make progress in this area.

Dr. Audet and Dr. Hare both have a number of graduate students, and collaborative duties at their home institutes. BIRS will provide an distraction-free environment where these actives can make extensive advances.