Gravity as an Effective Medium (17rit680)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, July 23 and departing Sunday July 30, 2017


(McMaster University and Perimeter Institute)

Richard Holman (Minerva Schools at KGI)

Peter Adshead (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Vincent Vennin (University of Portsmouth)


The objectives of this workshop are to better understand the tools involved in making predictions for open systems (such as particles moving through a medium) and to apply these tools to gravitational situations. We are reasonably sure this line of inquiry will prove fruitful because some of us (Burgess and Holman) took first steps along these lines in an earlier BIRS research in teams effort several years ago, finding them to be very effective when applied to some predictions in cosmic inflation.

In this workshop we intend to exploit the insights of this early success in two ways: first by verifying their value by seeing whether they can usefully resum late-time predictions in situations for which detailed perturbative calculations have been done and in realistic inflationary scenarios; and second by applying them to the problem of information loss in black holes (which has not been hitherto done).