Participant Testimonials

Mar 12 - Mar 17, 2017

The workshop was well structured with quite a few participants I had not met prior to the meeting. It was definitely an interesting mixture with quite a number of interesting talks. The workshop managed to attract a few real stars, like McMullen which contributed to the success.

Daniel Huybrechts Mathematisches Institut, Universität Bonn

The workshop did impact my current research very much. The topics were fresh and very attractive.

Toshiyuki Katsura Classification of Enriques surfaces with finite automorphism groups in characteristic 2
Department of Industrial &Systems Engineering, Hosei University Japan

Great stay, interesting discussions, I started some new collaboration, very inspiring atmosphere for my current and future research plans. I hope I'll be back soon again in Banff.

Alessandra Sarti University of Poitiers, Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications