Nilpotent Fundamental Groups (17w5112)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, June 18 and departing Friday June 23, 2017


(Georgia Institute of Technology)

(University of Oxford)

(University of Pennsylvania)

(Western University)


The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together experts and young researchers who study the interaction between nilpotent/unipotent fundamental groups and arithmetic and/or geometry. We also hope that increased interaction between the three subjects discussed in the overview could lead to new collaborations and new research directions, by rethinking current research areas from new points of view. All three subjects discussed in the overview are now developing rapidly, so we believe that the proposed workshop is timely.

The speakers in our proposed workshop will include mathematicians at various stages in their career, ranging from graduate students and postdocs to leading experts. Most of the workshop will comprise of research-level talks. However, we also plan on at least two or three survey talks to help build connections between the three subjects. We are also planning on having at least one open-problem session, which will help stimulate discussions and possibly initiate some new collaborations.