Phase Transitions Models (17w5110)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, April 30 and departing Friday May 5, 2017


(University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

(Louisiana State University)


1. To give the participants an overview of existing techniques, especially the most recent ones (e.g. branched transportation techniques used by Bethuel in weak density problems, the new uniqueness method for ODEs of Ignat and coll).

2. To favor "technology transfer" between these fields, typically concerning questions which can be tackled using different techniques (e.g. interface shapes in the presence of strong external fields, a subject common to variational methods and to semi-classical analysis).

3. To foster progress in emerging (at least mathematically) areas such as $p$-waves and smectic liquid crystals and fractional problems.

4. The meeting will bring together people from four distinct communities (superconductivity and related models, liquid crystals, semi-classical analysis, fractional problems) which either share a common mathematical background or tackle similar problems, but do not usually attend the same meetings or work together. It will be one of the very first meetings to gather all these communities, which clearly have intersecting working agendas and an important collaboration potential.

5. The presence of experts in mathematically emerging directions can be of great benefit to the younger scholars who will participate in the meeting.