Participant Testimonials

Aug 13 - Aug 18, 2017

My participation in the BIRS workshop gave me the opportunity to explore mathematical areas that I was less familiar with, and gave me the space and time to learn new subjects with the help of the other participants in the workshop. I hope that this would lead to new research projects, other than the one that started at the workshop. It was a great environment to make new contacts, some of which I wouldn't have made otherwise, and to enjoy both mathematically and the socially.

Efrat Bank Mathematics, University of Michigan

The project that we worked on during WIN4 is closely related to the other research project that I have been working on. The mathematics that I learned from other group members is helpful for my own research. The WIN project itself is also going well and we get some new results during the workshop and are still working the project to get more results and all these will eventually be contained in a paper to be published. I also got the change to talk to a previous collaborator and we are trying to do a new project together. I also got a lot of useful career advice from senior participants of the workshop.

Yunqing Tang Instructor
Mathematics, Princeton University