Mean Dimension and Sofic Entropy Meet Dynamical Systems, Geometric Analysis and Information Theory (17w5068)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, July 23 and departing Friday July 28, 2017


(Hebrew University)

(Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Masaki Tsukamoto (Hebrew University)


Mean dimension and its interaction with all the areas outlined above do not fit easily with the usual division of mathematical subfields. To the best of our knowledge there has not been the a conference where mean dimension was a major topic. To a large extent, the fact that there has been relatively little direct interaction between people working on the theory of mean dimension and researchers who found that mean dimension was relevant to a problem they have been studying has been a limiting factor on the growth of this emerging area. It seems also that an important connection with research in information theory has barely been developed. Thus we can say with confidence that there has not been a similar workshop anywhere - this will be a first.

In addition to our hope of stimulating more research regarding mean dimension theory and its applications, we hope to foster new interactions between the rather disjoint but related mathematical communities, and discover new and interesting connections that need not be related to mean dimension. A glimpse of the potential in such meeting can be viewed by looking at e.g. research papers such as [Wu-Shamai-Verdu-II] which combine techniques from information theory and dynamical systems.

In the workshop we plan to devote considerable time to introductory talks explaining in each field what are the major problems, the major challenges, and the major advances, in addition to having people explain the specifics of much of the recent results mentioned above, and new results that are sure to arise by the time the meeting will take place.