Participant Testimonials

Nov 26 - Dec 01, 2017

It was such a wonderful experience! The centre is well equipped with meeting rooms and facilities, the atmosphere was very stimulating. In fact, the talks were scheduled in such a way that everyone could have the possibility to interact with speakers, during coffee breaks and late afternoon/evening. The organizers were successful in inviting people coming from different areas and background. I started some useful discussions and kept some new ideas. It would be mentioned in some future papers. I'm looking forward to coming back in 2019, since I did apply for a meeting.

Bianca Stroffolini Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

I found the workshop very focused and stimulating. The schedule is very well made, allowing plenty of time for discussion and talk with other participants. I actually generated some new ideas of research from the talks and discussions.

Dehua Wang Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh