Participant Testimonials

Jan 15 - Jan 20, 2017

Theoretical aspects of my research have been greatly enhanced by this workshop. It was very very stimulating, and opened a whole new area of networks that I would otherwise not have. In particular, I am now able to understand and contribute to an area of oceanography related to Lagrangian coherent structures. This area has much overlap with areas in maths and physics, such as dynamical systems, statistical physics, and geometry. There will certainly be new papers to arise from this work, and hopefully many years of fruitful collaborations and interactions that would not be available sans BIRS. I am stoked!

Stephen Griffies research scientist
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

The BIRS workshop has had a strong impact on my current research. I was able to present my scientific results to colleagues I would like not have reached otherwise. Conversely, they have stimulated new thoughts and gave my fresh insights. I have started a new collaboration, and I am optimistic that some upcoming results will have originated during this workshop.

Daniel Karrasch Zentrum Mathematik - M3, Technische Universität München