Participant Testimonials

Jul 02 - Jul 07, 2017

BIRS is an absolutely fantastic asset for the mathematical community. It is, in my opinion, the preeminent venue for mathematical cooperation in the world.

Michael Bennett Mathematics, University of British Columbia

I enjoyed very much this workshop, where I met for the first time several young and very talented doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Yann Bugeaud Mathematiques, Université de Strasbourg

The workshop has been very fruitful and stimulating for me. Beside listening to nice talks, I had interesting discussions with many participants, on several topics.

Lajos Hajdu Algebra and Number Theory, University of Debrecen

BIRS is a fantastic place to do mathematics, and I'm always delighted -- and always accept! -- when I get an invitation to work there. At the Diophantine Approximation and Algebraic Curves workshop, I had several useful mathematical conversations, including one that is pointing the way to a very significant advance in my research. I'm extremely grateful that there is a place like BIRS where mathematicians can advance their field so well.

David McKinnon Professor
Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

My participation in the BIRS workshop opens new perspectives to my current research. I had the opportunity to have a fresh insight in my field of research. I made acquaintances from which I expect to have new joint-results. I would like to thank heartily the organizers Michael Bennett, Aaron Levin and Jeff Thunder for all their successful proposal and hard work in order to make possible this workshop.

Nikos Tzanakis Professor
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, University of Crete

BIRS is a professionally run and spectacularly located research venue. There is nothing else like it in Canada, and those who have experienced this know how special it is. For myself, my time this past week has proven to be enormously beneficial for my current research, possibilities for future research with colleagues I have only just met while at BIRS, and also for the possibility of hiring one or more of several extremely bright younger researchers.

Gary Walsh Professor
Mathematics, University of Ottawa