Participant Testimonials

May 07 - May 12, 2017

Due to a combination of Isabel and Natasha’s excellent recommendations for participants, and the absolutely fantastic environment and support provided by BIRS, I am very pleased to say that the workshop was a great success. The mathematicians learned some neuroscience and the neuroscientists engaged, fearlessly, in the world of persistent homology. I have already had several enthusiastic followup emails from our participants. I could not have asked for better support from BIRS. While the location and facilities are, of course, lovely, it was the administrative support from your personnel that made everything go so smoothly. Great research is fundamentally enabled by excellent administrative support and your team provided exactly that.

Mark Daley Computer Science, University of Western Ontario

It was a very successful workshop, and thanks to the superb facilities that BIRS provided the participants were quite engaged in exchanging ideas. I know that there are at least two new collaborations that have been initiated during the workshop.

Natasa Jonoska Mathematics and Statistics, University of South Florida