Participant Testimonials

May 14 - May 19, 2017

The workshop has been great for me, someone who has not studied the subjects discussed very deeply. I was able to learn a lot and get many new ideas which are even helpful for my other projects. And we started a new projects with several other young people.

Hai long Dao Mathematics, University of Kansas

It was a good workshop. I could meet many people who I can do some collaborations in the future. Moreover I could know other research topics and open problems that I can try to solve.

Hernán de Alba Casillas Unidad Académica de Matemáticas, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas

Thank you for making our workshop at CMO possible. We had a very productive workshop and enjoyed ourselves a lot as well.

Christopher Francisco Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University

I had a great time in Oaxaca. One benefit for me was starting a totally unexpected and new project with two of the other participants. It is on a topic I have not really worked on before, but we found a nicecommon ground. It certainly would not have happened without the workshop.

Craig Huneke Mathematics, University of Virginia

From a scientific point of view the workshop was a big success. Progress was made on several interesting and important problems. From a personal perspective, it was also invaluable. As a direct result of the workshop, I am involved in two projects that would certainly never have begun if it were not for the contacts and discussions made possible by the workshop. Many of the participants are people that I do not typically cross paths with, and it was very useful to be able to talk to them (both about the two projects I mentioned and also to gain insights on the broad topics of the workshop).

Juan Migliore Professor
Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

My participation certainly impacted my current research. I was able to start two new collaborations with a mix of people that includes some I have not had an opportunity to work with in the past. We were able to achieve some new results on one project that will hopefully result in a publication. On another project, we achieved additional insights and will continue to work toward new results. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this workshop.

Susan Morey Department of Mathematics, Texas State University

This workshop allowed us to focus on a series of problems in related areas (Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Computational Algebra) and covered the state of the art in Ordinary and Symbolic Powers of ideals. The organizers made a list of around 20 problems suggested by the the speakers and the participants. To solve these problems the participants formed teams. I was in a team (together with Susan Morey, Tai Ha, Kuei-Nuan Lin, Enrique Reyes) working on a new class of ideals monomial associated to digraphs (directed graphs) which lead us to start writing a joint paper. As a consequence of the planning of this workshop (few talks, making lists of interesting problems to be discussed in teams), I am sure there will be several new theorems, papers, and new collaborations that will impact the areas of the workshop.

Rafael Villarreal Dr.
Mathematics, Center of Investigations and Advanced Studies IPN