Analysis of Dislocation Models for Crystal Defects (17w5024)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, June 25 and departing Friday June 30, 2017


(Universita` di Roma Sapienza)

Enrico Valdinoci (University of Melbourne)


The workshop that we propose aims to bring together experts from diverse communities that are working on models for dislocations in crystals and on related topics, in order to share their understanding of the problem from their respective perspectives, with particular attention to the rise of young scientists and to the active role played by women of outstanding scientific level in this field.

The workshop has also additional benefits. Indeed, as far as we know, this workshop is one of the firsts that brings together a large variety of different mathematical communities which developed research on this topic under different perspectives and with different techniques at a top international level. In this sense, we are confident that the workshop could favor new interactions and stimulate a large number of scientific discussions.

The topic that we propose has also very strong mathematical foundations and it is rich in potential concrete applications.

In addition, we think that this workshop could provide an excellent opportunity for young and talented researchers to present their work to the international scientific community, to consolidate their presence in the field and to establish new connections with established world experts.

Moreover, we would like to remark that there is a very high representation of women involved in this project.