Participant Testimonials

Jan 22 - Jan 27, 2017

This workshop brought together mathematicians and theoretical physicists in a very stimulating setting. In particular, I was able to discuss my proposed research on ``Double Field Theory Cosmology" and obtain excellent encouragement and feedback from participants.

Robert Brandenberger Physics Department, McGill

It was a nice chance to get some new ideas and perspectives from discussions. Of course new collaborations were planned during this workshop. Also it was a nice opportunity to get information about a job vacancies or status.

Kanghoon Lee Institute for Basic Science

The workshop in the stunning setting of the BIRS was a great success! The tradition of roughly annual meetings of the members of the community of our field was upheld by many interesting talks and discussions. Important open questions and future directions of research were identified and collaborations solidified. I presented some of my recent results and had the chance to discuss them with the leading experts in our field. I was also able to continue long standing collaborations and used the workshop to network with other members of our community. It is nice to get to know collaborators and fellow researchers better not only on a professional but also personal level. The intimate nature of the workshop in an amazing environment was the perfect setting to achieve this.

Felix Rudolph Dr.
Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physic, LMU Munich

This was an excellent workshop, with a well-chosen group of participants, and well thought-out schedule of talks. The topics were quite wide-ranging from cosmology at one end to more formal differential geometry at the other. While there were many very useful discussions, for my own research two areas stood out: first was the general discussion of the nature of doubled geometries, something which was a central theme of the workshop, and where very useful insights came from many different participants. The other was much more specific: how to understand the moduli space of integrable generalised structures, and here it was very helpful to interact with mathematicians at the workshop. In particular, I had some very useful conversations on the general picture of L-infinity algebras in deformation theory. This will have important implications for up-coming papers.

Daniel Waldram Professor
Department of Physics, Imperial College London