Participant Testimonials

May 14 - May 19, 2017

This was a fascinating opportunity for me, to meet with other women in the field, some I had seen before, but never collaborated with, and others who were brand new acquaintances. I also got to catch up with some previous acquaintances. All in all I learned a lot, I met many cool people, and I did some neat math. The location was terrific, we were all very well-fed and had the amazing Canadian Rockies to enjoy as we wished. What more could one want? Oh, yes, maybe there will also be some new math that comes out of the whole experience... If this were a restaurant review, I'd be looking for an extra star to add to the five stars available.

Gizem Karaali Mathematics, Pomona College

My research group (all of whom are new collaborators for me) made very nice progress during our week at Banff, and I expect that we'll have a paper coming out of this work!

Bridget Tenner Department of Mathematical Sciences, DePaul University

A truly fantastic week! All the team projects made progress - and there will definitely be at least one paper produced from this meeting. I also made a plethora of new contacts and learned so much cutting edge research. My postdoc also made many contacts, truly invaluable for her going on the market next year. Astounding how BIRS always succeeds in accelerating all aspects of a research program in a week, what may take years! My most sincere gratitude for such an amazing institute.

Stephanie van Willigenburg Mathematics, University of British Columbia