2017 IMO Summer Training Camp (17ss037)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, July 2 and departing Sunday July 16, 2017


(University of Toronto)

Rogelio Valdez (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México)


The purpose of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Training Camp is to be an intensive preparation for the Canadian students attending the upcoming IMO, and also to allow these students to get to know each other well. In the last ten years, most of the Summer IMO Training Camps have been held at BIRS, and each was a complete success for all concerned, from the point of view of contest preparation, but also because of the chance our Team had to experience the natural beauty of the surroundings. Incidentally our Canadian IMO Teams in these years all performed extremely well and it is certain that some of the credit for the team's excellent results can be attributed to the students' time spent at BIRS. As well as the six students on the Canadian IMO Team, the Camp may also contain two alternate students and three to six adult trainers, including the three leaders of our Canadian IMO Team. The 2017 the IMO will be held in Brazil, and the IMO Team will be travelling directly from the Camp site to the IMO site. Thus, the Camp must end on a particular day, the day when the Team leaves for Brazil and the IMO. We do not know this date yet. For example, the dates for the 2012 Camp were June 24 to July 8, for the 2013 Camp were July 7-20 and for the 2014 Camp were June 22 to July 5. In 2017, we expect that the camp should take place somewhere between these times, but this information will probably not be available until next summer. For information on the IMO in general, and the 2017 IMO in particular, please look at the CMS's website and the official IMO site. The CMS's Media Release on the results of the 2015 IMO is available at: https://cms.math.ca/MediaReleases/2015/2015IMOresults.html.