Participant Testimonials

Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2017

It was a very good workshop, and the BIRS facilities, as always, were exemplary. The operations research community is trying to understand better what its role is likely to be in the machine learning/data sciences environment that we are entering. There was lots of discussion around this theme, and I found the workshop to be very helpful in helping crystallize some thinking around this issue.

Peter Glynn Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

This workshop helped me position my current work within a larger field of research, and inspired new research directions for me. These small workshops are much more productive for me than large conferences.

Shane Henderson School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University

The BIRS setting is ideal for long and probing discussions surrounded by natural beauty but not interruptions or distractions. The workshop challenged some long-held notions in the field of dynamic, stochastic simulation, and provided thought-provoking directions for the future. Several workshop participants attended a PhD defense for one of my students at the workshop, enhancing the scholarly value for her of defense.

Barry L Nelson Walter P Murphy Professor
Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences, Northwestern University

The workshop was a great opportunity to exchange insights on the future of simulation research. I'm also very glad that BIRS is offering a video record system so that the participants may review the discussions later.

Eunhye Song IEMS, Northwestern University