Participant Testimonials

Aug 02 - Aug 07, 2015

As a post-doc, I found this workshop very helpful. I was able to meet a number of important people in the field, get a sense of what is going on across a number of viral dynamics and cancer areas, and deepen my understanding of my own projects.

Andrew Brouwer Epidemiology, University of Michigan

Participating in the viral dynamics CMO-BIRS workshop has given me the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the modeling of Oncogenic and Oncolytic viruses. After the meeting I look forward to dig deeper into virus dynamics using both theoretical and data driven models.

Marcos A. Capistrán Dr.
mathematics, CIMAT Guanajuato

To be at a 5 day CMO-BIRS workshop was an excellent opportunity to be at the cutting edge of scientific advancement of modeling of cancer and virus dynamics. This CMO-BIRS workshop provided me full exposure to a very interesting topic where applied mathematicians and physicians can collaborate to push the scientific advancement of cancer treatment. During my participation, I made new contacts and envision new research projects. Overall, CMO-BIRS is an excellent effort that should be encouraged in the long run, i.e. more than one workshop on the same topic.

José Martín Méndez González Apllied Mathematics, Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (IPICYT)