Participant Testimonials

Jun 28 - Jul 03, 2015

It is very helpful for me to generalize my research fields and it provide a nice chance to know many outstanding experts.

Han Feng Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Alberta

The CMO-BIRS workshop was absolutely very important for me, it actually help me in several points to related to my current research, also, I learn about several topics that, although are not strictly related to my current work, were very interesting. I would like to congratulate and thanks to the organizers Feng Dai, Ronald DeVore, Sergey Konyagin, Vladimir Temlyakov and Sergey Tikhonov for organizing an excellent meeting booth from the academic and logistic point of view. Thanks also to CMO and BIRS for an excellent academic experience.

Pedro Gonzalez-Casanova Henriquez Instituto de Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

I enjoyed my visit to Oaxaca. It is an enchanting place and good for doing math. I cannot say that it has already helped me obtain further results related to greedy algorithms, but I learned about some new notion in compressed sensing and I am planning to investigate the connection with my previous work. Also, this was a conference in Approximation Theory, but since there were other people from Banach spaces who work in AT as well, I discussed in Oaxaca some problems in non-linear (metric analysis), related to embeddings of graphs in Banach spaces. The research continued during my trip to College Station immediately after Oaxaca and we obtained some new results. After all, it does not matter if the new results are directly connected to the topic of the conference - what matters is to do mathematics.

Denka Kutzarova Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

During the days I attended, I could interact with a couple of colleagues and found a common ground where we can start a collaboration. In fact I will start next week some regular meetings with them in order to continue our discussions on topics that are somehow new for me. Incidentally, this will also influence (for good) the work with a postdoctoral fellow, who started to work under my supervision.

Jorge Rivera Noriega Centro de Investigación en Ciencias, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos

Contacts with colleagues during CMO-BIRS workshop positively affected my current research in the form of new insights and new research projects. It greatly improved "visibility' of my results. I hope it will lead to new collaborations and new papers.

Isaac Pesenson Temple University

I found this workshop very useful and stimulating for my research. It gave me a chance to communicate with many leading experts in the area of applied functional analysis, continue existing collaborations and start new ones. The workshop provided an interesting overview of several areas including approximation theory, functional analysis, and numerical analysis through their interaction and applications. I discussed several new projects with participants, and plan to work on them in the nearest future.

Igor Pritsker Professor
Mathematics, Oklahoma State University