Kinetic and Related Equations (15w5049)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, July 5 and departing Friday July 10, 2015


(Imperial College London)

Hyung-Ju Hwang (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

(University of Victoria)

Bernt Wennberg (Chalmers University of Technology)


The first goal of the workshop, as usual, is bringing together experts from related kinetic projects for exchange of innovative ideas and to help finding unified mathematical theories for the various application fields. The second, at least equally important goal is to give younger researchers (at the doctoral and postdoctoral level) the opportunity to expand their knowledge in kinetic theory and to work and discuss with renowned experts.

Other well-established workshops in kinetic theory such as the Oberwolfach series on many-particle systems have a much more theoretical as well as an emphasis on the derivation issues from many particle systems. This workshop is thought to provide a forum where numerical and applied approaches in kinetic theory are unified together with analysis. This workshop will allow the inclusion of younger researchers, from a different geographic distribution, representing a diversification of topics, and will be timed nicely in between two editions of the Oberwolfach series.