Affine Geometric Analysis (15w5014)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, September 20 and departing Friday September 25, 2015


(Technische Universität Wien)

(Concordia University)

(Case Western Reserve University)


This workshop aims to bring together leading mathematicians working in areas connected to Affine Geometry Analysis. This includes, in particular, researchers working on geometric flows, convex geometry, Sobolev spaces and rearrangement inequalities. The goal is to intensify interactions between different groups which, sometimes due to geographic restrictions, have sporadic meetings. This is a particularly optimal time to benefit from an exchange of expertise as progress has been made in several conjectured problems involving affine invariants without providing a definite answer.

The workshop will give participants the opportunity to present the current state of their research in extended sessions and to provide a forum for discussions with the objective of new collaborations and future research across fields. In particular, as we want to invite a number of graduate students and postdocs, the workshop will give an opportunity to the young researchers to be exposed to the state of the art problems in Affine Geometric Analysis and, to interact with people from related fields, in order to form new connections.