Participant Testimonials

Jun 08 - Jun 13, 2014

The workshop was really valuable for me and other participants in gaining perspective on important problems/research directions in our field, and approaches to solving them. Five days together as a small group helped build strong new connections and deepen existing collaborations. Group problem solving worked surprisingly well. The BIRS location and conference support is fabulous. Thank you!

Anne Condon Professor
Computer Science, University of British Columbia

I very much enjoyed the BIRS workshop on programming with chemical reaction networks. First and foremost, I learnt a great deal from the other workshop participants, who often had quite different backgrounds to me and yet had very similar interests in terms of the problems they were attempting to solve. I came away with many new ideas and research directions to investigate. I also really enjoyed working on open problems in the field, and felt we made great progress in coming up with a better understanding of the problems to be solved, in understanding the work that had already been done in attempting to solve these problems, and also in making promising steps towards finding solutions ourselves. I will be following up on a number of strands that we started to explore in the workshop, and expect these to lead to new scientific discoveries in the field.

Andrew Phillips Microsoft Research

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to meet people whose papers I had recently read, but who normally traveled in different orbits. Because our workshop devoted only little time to talks and more time to problem-solving sessions, I had the opportunity to pose to them some open questions from my research -- and it looks like we now have a solution in the works. New friends, new results. An excellent workshop in a beautiful location.

Erik Winfree Computer Science, California Institute of Technology