Participant Testimonials

Jan 20 - Jan 25, 2013

The workshop was very helpful. It was new disciplinary group of people for me - I am a chemical engineer who works on developing systems that mimic biological pores, and I met many biologists and physicists that study the structure and operation of the pore itself. Learning about the mechanistic insights was very helpful and inspiring, I came back with new ideas. I also met with many scientists, some of which I am interacting with on potential collaborations. Overall, it was a great experience and very productive.

Ayse Asatekin Assistant professor
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University

This workshop was characterized by exceptionally high level of scientific interactions and discussions. There were several important suggestions by some of the participants that I am going to incorporate in my research on nuclear pores. I have also started several new collaborations in the areas of polymer-grafted membranes, laser-induced florescence studies of DNA translocation through nanopores and single molecule imaging of chromatin dynamics.

Yitzhak Rabin professor
Physics, Bar-Ilan University