Participant Testimonials

May 20 - May 25, 2012

The following points made the meeting in Banff useful to me: 1) New contact with brilliant people I did not know before 2) New knowledge of the discipline I am interested in

Stefano Bianchini Professor
Mathematics, SISSA

It is a very nice meeting. We know the recent progress in the optimal transportation theory, in particular, its connection with differential geometry. During the conference, we have the chance to discuss with the colleagues the various applications. These would give the fresh ideas in some "old" problems...

Yuxin Ge Centre des Mathematiques, Universite Paris Est Creteil

It's a such wonderful workshop, the organizers has done a superb job. BIRS is always a great place for mathematicians exchanging and generating ideas. Myself this time benefited from the workshop, I and my collaborators worked out something we struggled for last two years. It was in Banff last week we were able to put all pieces together. Thank you again, BIRS!

Pengfei Guan Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

I enjoyed most talks and fruitful discussions.

Shin-ichi Ohta Department of Mathematics, Kyoto Univesity

The participation has been particularly fruitful, with a significant impact on my current research.

Giuseppe Savare Mathematics, University of Pavia (Italy)

The workshop expose me to the most recent progress in the area of optimal transport. I get to know many experts in this area and problems that they are interested in.

Yi Wang Szego
Mathematics, stanford university