Model reduction in continuum thermodynamics: Modeling, analysis and computation

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
- 10:11
Continuum Thermodynamics, complete and reduced systems
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, Freie Universität Berlin
- 11:31
Scaling regimes and multiple scales problems of atmospheric flows
Watch video | Download video: 201209171034-Klein.mp4 (173M)
, Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences
- 15:13
Complete fluid systems, the state of art
Watch video | Download video: 201209171405-Feireisl.mp4 (207M)
, University of Manchester
- 17:33
Fast iterative solvers for buoyancy driven flow problems
Watch video | Download video: 201209171637-Silvester.mp4 (157M)
, University of Warsaw
- 18:15
Inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations and jumps of density
Watch video | Download video: 201209171739-Mucha.mp4 (162M)
, Université de Genève
- 11:31
Coarse Space Components for Domain Decomposition Methods
Watch video | Download video: 201209181031-Gander.mp4 (236M)
, Charles University
- 12:01
Implicitly constituted materials: mixed formulations, numerical solutions and computations
Watch video | Download video: 201209181131-Hron.mp4 (82M)
, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
- 16:33
Adaptive regularization, linearization, and numerical solution of unsteady nonlinear problems
Watch video | Download video: 201209181532-Vohralk.mp4 (182M)
, University of Maryland
- 17:08
Modeling of two-phase flow in geophysics: compaction, differentiation, partial melting, and melt migration
Watch video | Download video: 201209181638-rmek.mp4 (83M)
, Charles University
- 17:43
On steady compressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier system
Watch video | Download video: 201209181712-Pokorn.mp4 (77M)
, Technical University of Dortmund
- 20:31
On the Derivation of Thermodynamically Consitent Boundary Conditions for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
Watch video | Download video: 201209182000-Heida.mp4 (86M)
, University of Warsaw
- 20:53
Fluid model of crystal plasticity - numerical computations for compression of a single-slip crystal
Watch video | Download video: 201209182031-Minakowski.mp4 (58M)
, The University of Texas at Austin
- 09:55
Relative entropy method applied to model reduction in fluid mechanics
Watch video | Download video: 201209190902-Vasseur.mp4 (132M)
, Charles University
- 10:58
Regularity issues in systems describing flows of incompressible fluids
Watch video | Download video: 201209191031-Bulek.mp4 (74M)
, Texas Technical University
- 11:31
Non-Darcy Flows in the porous media for compressible fluids and application
Watch video | Download video: 201209191103-Ibragimov.mp4 (79M)
, University of Warsaw
- 11:58
On the generalized Stokes equation in Orlicz spaces
Watch video | Download video: 201209191135-wierczewskaGwiazda.mp4 (65M)
, Institute of Applied Physics and Conputational Mathematics, Beijing, China
- 10:07
Incompressible limit of the planar compressible ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations
Watch video | Download video: 201209200907-Jiang.mp4 (177M)
, Institute of Mathematics
- 11:01
Weak solutions to the barotropic Navier-Stokes system with slip boundary conditions in time dependent domains
Watch video | Download video: 201209201031-Neasov.mp4 (82M)
, Polish Academy of Sciences
- 11:32
First order hyperbolic conservation laws containing implicit relation
Watch video | Download video: 201209201102-Gwiazda.mp4 (87M)
, Kyushu University
- 15:58
On asymptotic behavior of solutions to the compressible Navier-Stokes equation around a time-periodic parallel flow
Watch video | Download video: 201209201530-Bezina.mp4 (93M)
, Czech Academy of Sciences
- 16:34
Steady Navier-Stokes-Fourier system with nonlinear dependence of viscosity on temperature
Watch video | Download video: 201209201603-Kreml.mp4 (101M)
, Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences
- 17:06
On the Inhomogeneous Steady NavierStokes Problem with the NavierType Boundary Conditions in a 2D Multiply Connected Bounded Domain
Watch video | Download video: 201209201635-Neustupa.mp4 (87M)