Participant Testimonials

Mar 14 - Mar 19, 2010

The breaks in the day allowed me and my collaborators ample time to work - we made some progress toward some new results. In fact, one of the talks provided some insight in how to get past a problem one of my collaborators and I were having.

Dean Baskin Mathematics, Stanford University

... In addition to a number of stimulating talks, it gave us all a great opportunity to continue or begin new research. Here is a list of projects and collaborators I worked with in Banff: 1) with Steve Zelditch, some progress on our projects in quantum ergodic restriction theorems 2) with Pierre Albin, we are trying to learn about mathematical quantum Hall effect, and we had a great conversation with Peter Hislop about this (this project is also with Jeremy Marzuola, who was not at the meeting) 3) with Pierre Albin and Colin Guiillarmou, some progress on our project to construct soliton-like solutions to NLS on compact manifolds using linear quasimodes (this is joint work with Jeremy Marzuola, and Laurent Thomann, who were not present) 4) with Kiril Datchev and Colin Guillarmou, discussed some of the final details of our project on the random walk operator on cusps 5) with Jared Wunsch, made substantial progress on our project for local smoothing on manifolds with degenerate trapping...

Hans Christianson Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My participation allowed me to have some fresh insight into an field that has only recently become a research area for me. I saw connections between one of my current projects and the work of some of the workshop speakers. It allowed me to meet new people in the field and establish more significant relationships with people I had met previously. Finally, the workshop exposed me to some more physics-oriented topics than those I normally encounter at the workshops and conferences I attend.

Emily Dryden Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Bucknell University

I recently got interested in conformal geometry, the workshop was very useful since I spoke with some of the leading experts in the field. Conversations with Mazzeo, Gover, Alexakis and Juhl were particularly useful. I started a joint project with Gover at the workshop in conformal geometry. I also continued my collaboration with F. Naud and started a joint project with him and C. Guillarmou. I also discussed possible future projects with H. Christiansson (who will be visiting McGill in the next 2 years; we discussed the best time for his visit at BIRS). I also discussed various things with S. Zelditch, who I am meeting for the 3rd time at BIRS. I also listened to several very interesting talks in scattering theory (a field where I am not an expert), that improved my understanding considerably. I also liked the lectures in relativity.

Dmitry Jakobson Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

The large number of high quality talks introduced me to many new ideas as well as ideas for new projects. I was able to ask experts about their perspective on various problems as well. It was invaluable from a scientific point of view to have had such a gathering.

Randy Qian Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Purdue University