Terms of Reference

BIRS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (EDIAB): Terms of Reference

  1. Objectives
    • To make programs at BIRS more inclusive
    • Recognize the diversity of BIRS participants, along multiple axes
    • Create a concrete framework for soliciting, monitoring and improving EDI in BIRS programs
    • Ensure that BIRS exceeds the Canadian Tri-Agency’s criteria for EDI
  2. General
  3. The BIRS-EDIAB will guide

    • systematic changes at the proposal submission, review and workshop execution stages
    • integration of training and mentorship activities in BIRS programs
    • targeted support for under-represented groups customized for different career stages
    • tracking of impact during and post-event
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
    • Consultation in framing the call-for-proposals (How should BIRS solicit EDI initiatives?)
    • Establish rubric for EDI assessment and review the submitted proposals
    • Identify external EDI reviewers
    • Rank proposals by EDI quality and make recommendations to the Program Committee for the final selection
    • For proposals deemed acceptable on scientific merit, provide concrete suggestions to improve EDI aspects of the workshop
    • Annually review BIRS programming to determine progress on EDI metrics
    • Make recommendations to the BIRS BOD on any significant changes related to improving EDI
    • Measurement and reporting
      • Establish baseline for EDI metrics using 2019-2021 workshops
      • Measure EDI component in programs starting 2022
      • Feedback to scientific programs with suggestions/resources for improvement
      • Include EDI metrics in annual report
      • Sharing EDI metrics/reports on BIRS webpage
  5. Membership
  6. The EDIAB will consist of researchers and educators in mathematical sciences satisfying the following criteria:

    • Have an established record of working with historically under-represented groups
    • Be very active in initiatives to recognize and promote diversity beyond their own experiences
    • Bring a unique set of strengths (personal experiences, community impact) that complement the existing EDIAB membership and help achieve BIRS’s goal of being more inclusive
    • Selected by consultation between the BIRS-SAB, the inaugural/current members of the EDIAB, and the Scientific Director
    • Appointed on approval of the BIRS BOD
    • Duration of term will be normally 3 years, extendable to a maximum of 4
    • Membership is voluntary and can be relinquished for personal reasons earlier than the normal duration
    • Number of members is 12 at inception (2020), and may be increased to at most 20 over a period of 3 years
  7. Administration
    • Analogous to the SAB, the EDIAB will have no direct cost impact on BIRS as the members serve in a voluntary position.
    • The Scientific Director will seek approval from the BOD for action on any recommendations from the EDIAB that involve significant financial or human resources beyond BIRS’s current infrastructure.