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Research in Teams at BIRS in 2019

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
19rit265 An Optimal Transport Approach to Crop Root Systems and related Multiscale Structures 01/20/2019 01/27/2019
19rit242 Analysis and Geometry of Several Complex Variables 04/14/2019 04/21/2019
19rit022 Stability of Multidimensional Waves 06/02/2019 06/09/2019
19rit245 p-adic Dynamics of Hecke Operators 06/16/2019 06/23/2019
19rit271 Counting $V$-Tangencies and Nodal Domains 06/30/2019 07/07/2019
19rit273 Serre Weight Conjectures for $p$-adic Unitary Groups 07/07/2019 07/14/2019
19rit260 Nonlocal Advection-Driven Equations of Evolution on the Sphere 08/18/2019 08/25/2019

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